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(almost always found in petite women) a completely shaven, tiny, tight pussy. One finger is already tight, and it's a bit of a struggle to get a second in. If the woman is under 5'4" and isn't a huge whore, chances are... you might be hitting up some baby pussy. Another characteristic required is no visible inner labia.
Drunk Guy 1: Dude, I bet she has a small pussy cause she's so short and skinny.

Drunk Guy 2: Yeah, man... baby pussy is the best. That girl, Sam, looked like she'd have some baby pussy.

Drunk Guy 1: You wanna get some more beer?

Drunk Guy 2: Nah, I'm just gonna call Erika over and hit up some baby pussy.
by Keef Moon November 21, 2009
It's simply another term for saying, 'Fuck it.' It is a French phrase that means 'for glory.' It can be used to peer pressure someone into chugging a beer, punching someone, talking to a girl, or virtually anything. Who doesn't want to do something 'for glory'? The best way to use it is to yell it before you do what you were pressured into. Example: (right before the beer chug) "POUR LA GLOOOOOIRE!!"
Dude I: Dude, we scored some killer dope.

Dude II: Yeah, man... this shit is dank-a-licious.

Dude I: Shit! We're getting pulled over. Hurry up, and eat the bud, man!! Pour la gloire.

Dude II: POUR LA GLOOOOOOIRE!! (chokes, dies)
by Keef Moon December 18, 2009

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