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What You See Ys What you Get. A common misspelling of WYSIWYG.
(In a forum)
A: Hey guys, I'm new here, I want to know a good free WYSYWYG editor for my website
B: Huh? What editor?
C: I'm afraid you're outta luck. Something like that isn't invented yet. Actually I don't even know what was it supposed to mean :-(
D: Dude, didn't you mean WYSIWYG?
A: Yay 5th post in this topic lol! Yep that's what I meant, WYSIWYG. Right. Does anybody know a good one?
EDIT: ZOMG I didn't know I can edit my posts lolzzz...
D: Please, no spam, and use Google.
by KeeAsBeeYeeAy August 09, 2008
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