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Kiss Of Death; You say someone has The Kiss Of Death when anyone who is associated with her dies, has an accident, or suddenly disappears.
Dude, that girl Lita has KOD... All of her partners suddenly disappeared like a bubble!
by Kebong May 20, 2006
Someone acting like something they're not.

Like someone trying to speak ghetto, when they're asian or something.
Marshal: You're dumb.
AznBoi: nigguh please.
Marshal: LOL What the fuck?? HAHAHA you think you're black or something? Look in the mirror, you're not black, you're not an anime character. You're fuckin asian, stop trying to be black.
Marshal: I'll be expecting a dumb response so go ahead, come at me. I want to see if theres a limit to your retarded mind.
AznBoi: *sigh* fine.. i'll stop being a poser.
by Kebong September 25, 2006

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