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Classic Megaman's robotic dog. Can obtain the ability to morph into a variaty of forms. Including a spring, a Jetboard, and a suit of armor with a detachable rocket arm and jet pak.
"R.U.S.H. Armor!"
by Keaton Prower January 23, 2004
Because Common Sence is no longer common, this is the new and correct phrase for "Common Sense". See: dumbass, moron
"Man, that was stupid! This guy's got uncommon sense."
by Keaton Prower January 23, 2004
The king of WaReZ. He does not exxxissst...
After downloading Shadow X's No-CD patch, I are an alumunum can.
by Keaton Prower January 23, 2004
Grand Theft Auto
1. The act of stealing a car.

2. A bitchin', though heavily overhyped game series from Rockstar Games.

3.The favorite violent-behavior scrape goat for the media and people involved in murder cases.
1. We've got ya' for grand theft auto

2. Hey, did you get the new GTA?

3. GTA made out son kill that hooker! It certainly wasn't his fault that the baseball bat hit her in the face!
by Keaton Prower February 24, 2005
The greatest drink know to Humans!
Dr. Pepper PWNZ all other drinks!
by Keaton Prower January 23, 2004

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