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1) A person that is used to the hard keys on a PC. When they use a Mac they press the keys too hard.

2) An insult that is directed at PC users, usually from Mac users.
1) My mate Fred came over the other day and his PC fingers ruined the keyboard on my new imac.

2) Get your dirty PC fingers off my Mac!
by Keanu Taylor October 18, 2008
Someone that walks really slow, taking up the whole footpath and not letting anybody past them, similar to Sunday Driver.
Sorry I couldn't get to the Sunday Roast, I was stuck behind a Sunday Walker the whole walk to your house , so I gave up.
by Keanu Taylor October 18, 2008
When a nerd rejects another nerd.
Nerd 1: Will you go out with me?

Nerd2: Hell no!

Nerd 3: That was harsh, why did you reject him?

Nerd 4: He deserved to be wii-jected
by Keanu Taylor February 10, 2008

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