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An extremly devastated face used when typing
It's a mix of tears and a open-mouth frown
Sometimes used in a funny manner
Somewhat resembles a fish
Also see D:
Person 1: I'm having a party, wanna come?
Person 2: Sorry I can't.
Person 1: ;A;

Person 1: My dog died
Person 2: ;A;

Bestfriend 1: Haha! Dont bother me or I'll kiss your boyfriend! lol
Bestfriend 2: ;A;
Bestfriend 1: XD jk jk<3
Bestfriend 2: :D
by KealPanda March 05, 2010
Instead of LOL I'd like to suggest SOSATVCOIIS- Sort Of Smiled At The Vague Comedy Of It I Suppose
LOL thats so funny, jk, SOSATVCOIIS
by KealPanda June 30, 2010
When your terribly bored so you go on urban dictionary.
The point of this game is to press the random button and read the definitions till you reach one that is sexual in anyway.
(Doesn't include insults or hotness)
If one is sexual then you must go back to the UrbanDictionary homepage and start again.
Points are counted for how many definitions you get before a sexual ones comes along.
'Im so bored....Lets play the Urban Dictionary Game.'
*go to UD*

*click random*

1.Puppy- cute fuzzy bundle of fuz
2.Black- a race
3.Using the banana- to have sex


*click homepage button*

*click random*

by KealPanda May 01, 2010
Short for "Sure", because four letters were just too many.
"Wanna hang out today?"
by KealPanda May 19, 2010

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