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1. A group of people that are generally from the south, though can be found throughout the US (upstate New York has an incredible amount of rednecks) That are generally uncivilized**, uneducated**, rascist**, enjoys the outdoor* sports (ie. hunting or fishing), enjoys country music*, knows how to work on a farm*, can fix their own vehicles*, laid back*, and knows how to make moonshine*

**. Tends to be those who live in the backwoods, and does not necessarily apply to all rednecks

*. applys to most rednecks, and almost all country boys
(Country Boy) Wooee brother, thems some real rascist rednecks over in Carter.

(Redneck) Amen man, them there rednecks real rascist, shoot ya even if ya white.
by Keairan April 30, 2007
A great place to live
Among the Greatest states known in The South. It has many different qualities for those who would look, some good and some bad.
Tennessee became the 16th state to enter the union in 1796. It was the first state in the south to seek readmission into the union after the civil war. It was the first southern state to be free of presidential reconstruction. Site of the fames scopes or monkey trial in the 1920s which fought on whether or not evolution or christianity was to be taught in schools (The lawyer for the christians knew how to be a lawyer, but did not know the topic on which he was working as a lawyer). Place where one can find all sorts of cultures, depending on what part of the state you are looking in. Eastern Tennessee has part of the Appalachian (App-u-latch-in) Mountain chain running through it. It has some of the most beautiful hill country in the US. Middle and Western Tennessee are know for their agricultural, industrial, and cultural centers. Nashville is the capitol of the state, and also the headquarters of country music (The 4th oldest form of mainstream music, the first three being classical, jazz, and blues). The other big city is Memphis, located on the Mississippi River, is a large cultural center for Jazz and blues musicians.

Now the not so good parts of Tennessee.
We do have an appreciable KKK presence (though the KKK is worse in the gulf states), a sub-par public education system (elementary, its ok to decent. Middle, its average to a little below. High school, can either be very bad, or rather good, depending on the high school attended) Colleges, depending on the one used, can be either decent to excellent (Northeast state = decent, UT = excellent).
We do have an obesity problem here, but that is due mainly to the fact that living in a rural area where one commonly drives 30+ miles to get to ones destination tends to make one lazy. Urbanites tend to get more exercise because they walk a lot of areas. We do have some "Rednecks, Hicks, and Hillbillies" but this is a relatively small problem, and these groups are just as likely to be found in other states in the south, and *gasp* North, West, and East states too.
Tennessee, a good place to live
by Keairan April 30, 2007
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