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a golf term used when you hit your ball into a lake, pond, stream or ditch. Used with a French accent. Originally, from a scene in the movie "Return of the Pink Panther" in which Peter Sellers attempts to gain entrance into a castle by crossing a mote. After several attempts, each time resulting in a swim in the mote, Peter Sellers exclaims..."Swine mote!"
Whack....kerplunk....swine mote!
I would have had a great round, but I hit my ball in the water on number 5 again. Swine mote!
by kdon October 17, 2006
A bodily fluid drained by working to hard. Symptoms of a low smishnel level would be; a lack of a sense of humor, taking life to seriously or a quickness to anger. Smishnel can only be replaced by doing something you enjoy, such as, spending time with people you enjoy doing something you enjoy. Like, playing golf with your friends, hanging out with your friends, drinking beer with your friends.
My smishnel level feels dangerously low.
I am full of smishnel after the brief visit with the guys.
Luke, feel the smishnel.
by kdon October 17, 2006
A golf term describing the amount of effort put into a golf shot.
I put the quawpaw on that one.
by Kdon October 12, 2006
An occasion that features all of your closest male friends (your closest buds. Not the ones that will bail you out of jail, the ones that are in jail with you.) and adult beverages. Usually involves an act (planned or unplanned) of complete stupidity in the name of fun in which everyone must participate. Non-participation would draw scorn and ruthless ridicule. May include wives and or girl friends that are encouraged to participate in the act of complete stupidity. Females are exhaulted for participation but are exempt from ridicule. A studfest is an adult retreat for serious partiers.
I'll be in town this weekend. Can we plan a studfest?
Will you be at the studfest this weekend?
Remember what happened at the last studfest?
by Kdon October 12, 2006
A huge unbroken terd. A terd of such magnitude that it is a shame to flush or can't be flushed. A log so incredible you wish you could save it and have it measured for the Guiness Book.
I just laid a giant shinood.
Dude, you have to check the shinood I left in the men's room.
That shinood was unflushable.
by Kdon October 12, 2006
A Coors of Coors Light beer. A term derived from brewski.
Let's grab a case of Cooskis and go to the Lake.
by Kdon October 12, 2006

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