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2 definitions by Kcin Nikmal

Originating in the bay area (menlo park), it is a statement similar to 'gimme some skin', like a handshake or high five, giving chicken can be used as a friendly hello or after something great has happened. Instead of a normal high five, the person who you extend your palm towards puts all of his finger tips together and pecks your hand like a chicken eating food.
You: Dude i haven't seen you in weeks...Gimme some chicken!
Bob: Aight! *peck peck peck*

Bob: Dude I just hooked up with like 3 chicks
You: Gimme some chicken!
by Kcin Nikmal June 28, 2009
A dense bud of marijuana, (like a meteorite)
Dude nice weedeorite, I want to smoke that!
by Kcin Nikmal June 28, 2009