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clearly defied in ealier postings...

However it must be added that as an alternative to the traditional recipie:

1 part bread (cooked till golden Brown)
1 part butter (spread quickly so as to melt nicely)
1 part Marmite (spread to taste)

is the slightly more refinded:

1 part Jacobs water cracker
1 part Marmite
garnished with thinly sliced cucumber

Try it... heavenly...
- Would you like some Marmite and cucumber on crackers?
- Fuck yeah! Christmas has come early!
by KazzieP May 20, 2005
Adidas trainers

from the founder - Adolph (Adi) Dassler
Hey, watch it! Don't step on my new Dasslers!
by KazzieP May 20, 2005
as in Armitage Shanks (makers of bathroom fittings) - used to infer the term "Toilet"

also as a form of derision
Have you seen Dave's new car? It's total Armitage!
by KazzieP May 20, 2005
Term for "Skunk" variant of Cannabis

dirived from the Looney Tunes character Pepe Le Pew.
- Alright Dave, Pepe out tonight?
- Yeah, I'll bring him down the pub.
- Nice one!
by KazzieP May 20, 2005
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