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Your soulmate is the person you can trust with your life without giving it a single thought. It's the person you would take bullets for because seeing them in any form of pain or discomfort hurts you more than any kind of torture. You know it's them when saying goodbye even for a few moments feels like your heart's splitting in two. When messaging them goodnight feels like a punch in the gut. Your soulmate is the person you want to hold tightly and never let go. It's the person you love unconditionaly with all your heart. The person you can't live without because there is no future for you without them. It's the person you can fall asleep on in public and private places without worry. It's the person who loves you for your faults just as much as they love you for your strengths. The person who will stand by your side when times get rough, catch you when you fall, and hold you up away from those who try to knock you down. Just the thought of that person brightens your day and makes you grin Happily for all to see. It's because of them you can truthfuly say that you are content and happy with your life. It's when they love you just as much as you love them and they feel the same way you do. When they depend on you just as much as you depend on them.

Your soulmate is the person tied to you by the red sting of fate... But it's your choice to hold on to that string and never let go no matter the situation.
"What's up with Jane recently? She's been blanking out and grinning like an idiot!"
"It's because she's found her soulmate, stupid!"

"Of course!"
"Uhhh.....It's been 5 minutes~ You can let go now!?"
"Never~ I'm never letting go~"

"What are some of my faults?"
"What do you mean none? Everyone has faults."
"Not you. You are absolutely perfect."
by Kazuki~chan September 09, 2013

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