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Robotic antagonist in the Sonic games/shows/comics. He was allegedly created to fight Sonic in "Sonic the Hedgehog 2" after Robotnik was thwarted in the first game, and he also appeared in Sonic and Knuckles. Since then, he has appeared in several games, both as bosses, cameos, easter eggs, and characters. Metal Sonic has been caled Mecha Sonic
Metal Sonic was a villian in Sonic the Hedgehog 3
by KazooieBanjo October 31, 2007
A level in a video game which links to all the other levels, and serves as a main area that the player will use to progress through the game. It will usually be blocked off to later levels until specific conditions are met (Such as "Collect X amount of Y."), but in some cases, the portal to the level is blocked off, but clearly visible (Such as Glover). The hub world can have more than portals to different worlds, but that is the base use of the level.
Gruntilda's Lair is a Hub World.
by KazooieBanjo September 28, 2008

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