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Cooking a fart is when you release gas from your ass while sitting in heated car seats. Because of the heat, similar to food in a skillet on a stove, you get an overwhelming mix of scents and flavors that are intensified. Victims of the pungent odor can often tell what meals were involved in the creation of such farts as well and the aromas almost always beg for a window or two to be cracked.
Man 1: "Why does it smell like broccoli and cheese? Did you just cook a fart?"
Man 2: "We had Quizno's for lunch and yes, I just cooked a fart."
Man 1: "I can taste it. Is that peppercorn steak?"
Man 2: "Why yes, yes it is."
by Kaznasty July 18, 2009
A pair of breasts that have been effected by gravity for so long and to such an extent that when not covered by a bra they resemble an unopened parachute. If they look long and fleshy with many wrinkles/stretch marks and downward facing nipples, you are seeing some paratrooper hooters.

An easy visual are the army men toys with plastic parachutes. You would throw the army men in the air and it the parachute would never properly deploy, they would just drop quickly to the ground with a thud. The failed parachute resembles the sagging breasts of paratrooper hooter endowed women.
I walked in on my grandma changing her bra. She had paratrooper hooters. I thought army men were being deployed into her belly button.
by Kaznasty July 17, 2009

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