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A handspring is an acrobatic move in which a person executes a complete revolution of the body by lunging headfirst from an upright position into a handstand and then pushing off from the floor with the hands so as to leap back to an upright position.
Handsprings are performed in various physical activities, including acro dance, cheerleading and gymnastics.
The direction of body rotation in a handspring may be either forward or backward, resulting in a front handspring or back handspring (also known by flip-flop), respectively.
1. In StarTrek TOS, Chapter The Apple
Dr. McCoy gave Mr. Spock "enough Masiform D to make the whole crew turn handsprings".

2. I love when the cheerleader turn handsprings, 'cause I try to see her panties.
by Kazimir February 05, 2012
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