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The game is very simple, you have to get as many people to say sorry to you. Works best in a shop, walk past somebody "accidently" nudge into them, and they should say sorry. Points are won for every time somebody says sorry to you.
Quasim: Are we playing the sorry game?
BJ Cartlidge: Of course we are.

Quasim nudges into a randomer.

Randomer: Oh, sorry.
Quasim: It's quite alright dear.
BJ Cartlidge: So that's 1-0 to you.
Quasim: Yeah I am one of the best at this game, remember the other day when I won 3-1.
BJ Cartlidge: I do suck at it.
by KazZ! April 22, 2010
COAD sun glasses a.k.a Centre of Attention Disorder sun glasses.
Glasses worn by people when they are trying to be inconspicuous, the glasses however make them the centre of attention, as the glasses usually worn are the big type that try to conceal something, usually a black eye.
BJ Cartlidge: Dude why are you wearing COAD sun glasses?
Quasim: Got punched man, black eye is a pain.
BJ Cartlidge: Fuck the glasses man, wear the black eye proud.
Quasim: Nah, I need COAD sun glasses.
by KazZ! April 27, 2010
When a guy fucks a girl who has a bucket pussy and its really loose.
Best said in a northern accent.
Friend: So how was she last night man?
Friend 2: It was like chucking hotdog down hallway.
by KazZ! December 10, 2008
the loudness of the LOL, it is how loud the LOL is according to the reason you are LOLing, so an epic joke deserves LOLUME of 11 on the LOL-Scale.
Gavlar: (having a quiet lol)
KazZ!: Dude it was a great joke, turn up the LOLUME!
KazZ: Cheers bro :)
by KazZ! July 03, 2011
Major League Shit.
A huge shit that you do, one that has possibly been stored up for a few days and then BAM you just explode from the ass.
Gavinda: Just had a chicken shit after that KFC pretty big.
KazZ: I haven't yet taken a crap bro.

3 days later...

KazZ: Dude just had the most epic MLS ever! That was one Major League Shit.
Gavinda: Nice bro.
by KazZ! August 06, 2011

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