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An term of endearment one uses when addressing one who is very comely. This word has been connected with British royalty as King Henry used it to his six wives. It is also rumored that Prince Charles has used this term to address his girlfriend. This word passed down from royalty has not yet gained popularity amongst the plebeians, but a select few scholarly people has adopted it for their own use to address their own loved ones. It is rumored that when a male address a female by "noodlenose" it has the power of undressing the female.

Only a selected few females in the history of the world have been grace with the honor of being addressed noodlenose. It is truly a privilege and those select few should be most thankful. Only females of the highest caliber and upmost beauty are granted the honor the this title.

I love you noodlenose.

Prince Charles: Why Noodlenose, would you like to join me and the queen... I mean my mother for dinner tonight.

man: yo noodlenose, youse a sexybeast.
Police Officer: have that man arrested, he is a mere commoner desecrating this royal title.
by Kaytozee December 29, 2008
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