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The suggested word that predictive text on your cell phone writes when you try and say "fucking"
So last night I was ducking this hot chick and her ducking boyfriend walks in. Ducking hilarious.
by Kayne M. Dewhurst August 30, 2007
A Fred Bassett cartoon which is in fact so hilarious, that it is awarded the highest honor. Usually a three panel comic.
"Fred, that is hilarious! P-P-Platinum Bassett!"
by Kayne M. Dewhurst August 25, 2007
A marketing catchphrase used to describe shitty meals and monuments that no one outside of that town has ever heard of.
Try the south side diner's WORLD FAMOUS coffee!
by Kayne M. Dewhurst September 25, 2008
A fictional Japanese themed animal. The most famous Japanimals being Pokemon.

The type of messed up creature that looks cute, but is not the sort of thing a child should keep as a pet. Often used as costume inspiration by lonely teens.
Wow. I really love to play pokemon. They are some awesome japanimals!
by Kayne M. Dewhurst April 16, 2009
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