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14 definitions by Kaylee

Regular poker with a twist: removal of clothing is involved when beaten.
You lost against Nancy, so you take your shirt off.
by Kaylee December 20, 2004
56 25
Means no,not doing it ,
Sara: R U going to the club with us tonight?
Kasey: Hell to the nah!
by Kaylee May 01, 2005
24 12
Very cool, Awesome. Uber in its self meens very or alot.Shiby meens cool, awesome,shibby...You get the point.
That Car is UBER SHIBBY!
by Kaylee April 20, 2005
17 6
Hey you come right cha, yea over here
by Kaylee December 31, 2004
8 2
It means your just about to get up and do something.
I'm fi'inda get up and slap the shit outta you
by Kaylee February 08, 2005
5 0
A word you use to express something, Ussually In place of Fu*king when some one is talking. Ive heard it many times.
" That is so effting cool!"
by Kaylee April 20, 2005
5 1
A store thats usually found in big has the cutest clothes and its huge!! I feel like such a princess when I shop there.
kaylee--hey cute shirt
shirstin- thanks i got it at anthropologie.
by Kaylee May 07, 2005
75 72