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Someone looks better than usual so they are concedered fine.
Damn that look over there, he fine as hell. I'm about to go talk to him.
by Kayla April 07, 2005
pussy; female vagina
Justin says : " All i want for christmas is budduce"
by kayla December 08, 2003
1. very, very large
2. superfluous
That bowl we smoked was gormundo.
by kayla January 12, 2005
an insult to call sumone..it's highly offensive. not to be confused with a male's ding dong.
OMGOSH! Julie is sucha weenal! sometimes i can't believe the things she says!
by kayla May 09, 2004
a san francisco bay area term synonymous with 'very'
she drove hella far to get here!

donna is hella cool.
by kayla December 02, 2003
To fall down and it looks like it hurt.
The boy who was skiing down the hill beefed.
by kayla June 19, 2004
a dumbass machine that is incredible fun to tease and annoy and wear out. While doing that it is also fun to ask it out and see what is says
user:you FUCKER
smarterchild: you ought to wash your mouth out with soap
user: CUNT
smarterchild: got anything better then that?
smarterchild: this is what you do with your time? abuse your computer.

user:will you go out with me?
smarterchild:i dont think thats possible
smarterchild:I dont think your parents would allow it
user:I think they would
smarterchild:i dont beleive you
by Kayla January 17, 2004
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