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2 definitions by Kayanna

The best of all eating untensils ever.
A word commonly used to describe someone who is considered to be "cool" or "amazing" or just undescribable.
Can also be used as a curse word.
Fpoon is a word that can be used in place of all words.
MM lemme use that fpoon to eat my frostie.
Look at that fpoon! She is amazing.
Fpoon you! You fpoon!
I love fpoon.
by Kayanna September 23, 2006
A word used to describe the coolest of person. A fpoon is a person who is a master of the art of fpoon, and knows when and where to declare their fpoonyness. Fpoons are typically very accepting of other people, but at times they do not acknowledge those of the sporky gender.
I am the fpoon master.
by Kayanna September 23, 2006