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This is a girl with some real bad-ass qualities. She is normaly small, with varying shades of brown hair, and is what anyone would call a small warrior. A Jess can act sweet, but has the ability to do anything. She'l lie to her study group manager, her boss, lecturer, or practicly anyone and they will believe her. The name Jess is common, but her character is very unpridictable, just like her mood. She can go from angry, to happy, to screaming out bloody murder. It just doesn't matter to her. A Jess will not mix with an loud, mouthy people, or any of the popular crowd. Anything that they say to her she will ignore, or take it in a good way. She can allways make a smart-arse comment but doesn't use comebacks, so she'l either be rude or pick a fight with whoever said one. She's intelligent and fast thinking, but people sometimes take the piss out of her for it. Jess will play computer games, or be out doors, or be shopping, but will always have an explanation for what she does.
Random Girl: OMG i just saw Jess in the forest

Even more random girl: well dur, dumbass, she has to for her d of e

Random Girl: You do realise that she doesn't do a d of e, right?

Even more random girl: No, but that's what she said she was doing
by Kaya The Beast April 18, 2013

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