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A term to replace "What the Fuck?" when an unknown farter rips one in a large group, and you can't figure out who it was.
Steve- ::farts::
Jill- What the fart?
by KayX3Kickazz June 23, 2007
The language of which Cheerios speak.

-Oh my goodness! Cindy, come quick! My Cheerios are speaking to me!

-What are they saying!

-It says "oooooooo"

-My god! It's cheerioese!
by KayX3Kickazz June 23, 2007
Expression to replace "what the fuck?", but commonly used in a stinky situation. In other words, when someone close by farts, usually in a large group of people, and there is confusion of who it was. Also followed by debate of who is was who cut the cheese.

Cherry-What the fart?
Jen- Wasn't me.
Steve- Uh...wasn't me.
by KayX3Kickazz June 23, 2007

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