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A lamb that accidentally gets their hoof stuck up their vagina by trying to reach orgasm by using their back leg to rub their clitoris but instead it slips up their vagina due to all the slippery discharge.
Can also be achieved by a horny female stuck in a field for only a lambs hoof to fulfil their weird horny nature!
1= Dave: " Woh man why is that lamb standing on 3 legs in the field shaking?"

Scott: "that's because its lamb hoofing season it has its hoof stuck up its vagina"

Dave: " Err thats sick man!!!"


Dr " how did you get that hoof up there"
Female " I was camping and forgot to pack my shit pole, I was horny and lamb hoofing was the next best thing! "
by KaySof August 06, 2012
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