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A male that is very smoothe with his flirting skills and almost always seduces any girl he wants.


A female that can seduce any man that she wants either by flirting or by not saying anything at all.
Look at that mack, he can get any girl he wants.

Look at her, she's a mack on attack, she spittin game without even saying anything.
#mack #mack daddy #mack mommy #playa #game
by Kay Bizzle June 28, 2007
Duggie is when a Boy fucks a girl in her ass. it is also a dance, when you take ur hand and smooth ur hair back. Dance comes from Dug E.Fresh
She rollin, I'm rollin, before I hit it from the back I need a trojan, im bouta hit her wit da duggie duggie.
#duggie #fuck #position #sex #dance #dug e. fresh
by Kay Bizzle June 25, 2007
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