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British actor who played the role of Boba Fett in Star Wars: Episodes V and VI, and a man that is going to live the rest of his life with the knowledge that he was "the" ultimate dealer of ass-kickery in the universe, once upon a movie set. Pretty badass legacy to leave, huh?

Also has a strange tendency to appear in several old-school Bond flicks.
Cashier: Sir, come back! You have to pay for that!
J.B.: Fuck you, pal. I'm Jeremy Bulloch.
by Kawalsky April 26, 2006
A 40+ year old underpowered, outdated, and unreliable weapon-system that is more effective when thrown as a javalin with bayonet attached than it is when fired. Our soldiers deserve something better.

Oh, and bring back the .45 while you're at it, you Beretta-loving sons of bitches.
GI #1: Shit, my M-16 jammed!
GI #2: Quick, clock him with your butt-stock!
GI #1: Fuck, it broke!
GI #2: Ok, clear the jam!
GI #1: Damnit, the charging handle bent!
GI #2: ... You could use your M9.
GI #1: Huh? That thing can kill people?
by Kawalsky July 11, 2006

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