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1. What a friend tells another friend when he/she is being overly perverse

2. A phrase said by weary people when many "That's what she said" and "69" moments happen in a group.
"Dude this mayo jar is hard! Can you help me screw it off?"

"Haha that's what she said, Man!"

"Please dude. Get out of the gutter and help me out here."
by Kawaiisquid February 09, 2009
A mood, common among females, describing bleak and angry views on the world. This is most often associated with that certain time a month, or just with someone (male or female) who is being a bitch.
Synonym- Pissimistic (someone who is always really Pissed Off)
"Excuse me miss, would you donate to dying children in Africa?"
"Go fuck yourself. They'll die anyway, so what's the point?"
"Well you can save them, you PMSimistic bitch!"
by Kawaiisquid April 01, 2009

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