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Obama IS:
– A supremely gifted speaker.
– An ingenious political tactician willing to take the high road amidst one of the dirtiest games ever played.
– One of our nation's few genuine intellectuals.
– A person capable of speaking in completely intelligible sentences and with proper grammar.
– The one man possibly capable of redeeming our economy from the damage done by Madoff and other black-hearted, idiotic executives, CEO's, and economists.
– Yes, it's been said before; Yes, it's a cliché; Yes, it might just be some sort of liberal jargon; but Barack Obama is change.

Obama is NOT:
– A "sacred cow" who nobody can criticize; Liberals, conservatives, and the media are all doing it.
– A communist or socialist (Trust me: I'm a real socialist, so I should know).
– "Inexperienced". Honestly, that's coming from the people who wanted Sarah Palin to be vice president... look in a mirror, Republicans.
– Some sort of radical African American revolutionist who will make way for the rise of the black population of our nation in order to enslave all white people... honestly, that's the most naïve thing I've ever head.
Mark: Obama is a fist-bumping terrorist!
Harry: You are a narrow-minded, gullible fool, and for that I take pity on you.

Redneck: Obama is gonna take away all our rights and guns and make us all live in holes, because he's the re-distributer-in-chef* and he's a commie and he's gonna take away the sowvernitty* of our blessed nation.
Philip: That is the largest single conservative propaganda spewing session that I have ever held witness to in my life.

John McCain: My friends, it's clear that Obama doesn't have the experience it takes to be commander-in-chief of this nation!
Observational Intellectual: "My friend", you chose Palin. Enough said.

*This word was misspelled intentionally in order to more accurately display a simple-minded, uneducated, gun-clinging** redneck.
**Yep. I went there.
by Kavurcen March 24, 2009
Negative information, legislature, grammatical errors, situations, or operations regarding George W. Bush, or left over from his terms in office. Examples include the Patriot Act and the secret Bush-era anti-terror documents recently made public by Obama.
"It's gonna take years for Obama to shovel out all the bushit left over"

"There's been an increasing multitude of bushit being uncovered now"

"After eight agonizing years of unbridled terror, we're finally through with the bushit!"
by Kavurcen March 02, 2009
A clever blend of the words dick and douche allowing you to label a person as both in one convenient and compact package.
SexyladyXXX72: Dude, if you liked that movie you're a stupid dumbass faggot.
Lingleberries: Stop being a diche, GTFO.
by Kavurcen April 26, 2009
1. Behaving like Britney Spears
2. Getting constantly fucked up
3. Just not working
My computer won't stop britneying...
by Kavurcen June 17, 2009
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