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S.A.T.R is a fanfic that has become a romance between Sonic the hedgehog and miles tails prower.
S.A.T.R. is the story of sonic and tails love.
Sonic peered out his window. Was this real? He sighed. Tails aways said that he looked up to him, but not like this.....It all happened 3 months ago....
Tails walked up to him. His eyes filled with sadness and his face shadowed.
Sonic knew what was coming. "hes gonna leave or kill himself" he thought.
"What is it tails?" He asked like nothing was wrong. He could sence it though.
"Sonic.....since the day we met.....iv looked up to you....and now..." tails sniffed alittle, sonic guessed he was crying, "well.....your gonna hate me so i have to tell you this......" tails took out a gun "i want to die with you knowing this" sonics eyes got big as tails put the gun to his temple "i love you sonic" then without a second thought he pulled the trigger.... But like I said, that was 3 months ago. Tails didnt die as sonic pushed the gun away in time. The shot was not faitle but it did put him in acoma. Sonice visted his bedside ever day since then waiting. He wanted to tell him that he had the same feelings for tails. But would tails ever wake up? Sonic hadnt visted him today and didnt know if he should.
"hes not waking up" sonic told himself as he walked to the hospital. "hes never gonna know" sonic sighed "iv loved him for all these years and he'll never know" a tear slid down sonics face "that jackass.....going and shoting himse-" sonic got cut off by amy screaming
"SONIC!!!!!" He sighed another crack brain idea on how to wake up tails. "what amy?"
Amy was out of breath, she must have been runing. Sonic was lost in thought and didnt see if she was or not.
"i know how to wake him up!!!" she said short of breath.
"what this time? poke needles in him? tryed it. how about we have dogs lick his feet? oh tryed that to. oh i know lets pour water on him. wait we cant we tryed that to!!!" sonic wasnt hinding the fact that he was upset very well.
Amy glared at sonic, she wasnt mad, she was thinking. She walked up to him slowly, and slomonly. She kissed him and left a book in his hand. "good bye sonic. i hate you" With a quick swipe she slaped him, then ran off.
Sonic looked at the book, there was a pink rose as a book mark halfway in the middle. He read the page. It said how talking to a person in acoma could wake them. Sonic smiled. "hang on tails"
Sonic started to run. He knew where tails room was by heart. He dashed into the room. Tails was still alseep. With a smiles sonic sat by tails bedside and told him of the day they met. After 3 hours the nurse came in.
"ummm mr.sonic?"
sonic looked at her his eyes filled with tears. "i come here everday....call me sonic."
The nurse frowned "ok SONIC....you have to go home. visting hours are over. please leave."
Sonic layed his head on tails lap and sobs softly. "it said youd wake up......please tails.....wake up.....i love you....." Tails eyes slowly opened. "what was that sonic?!" Sonics head jerked up and a big grin and his eye still filled with tears he hugs tails.
"umm sonic whats wrong? why are you crying and.....huging me?" Sonic let go of tails. "nevermind that now.....lets say i tell you over a chillie dog?"
by Kausa July 16, 2006

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