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2 definitions by Katsa

Home of the birthing grounds of the infamous Chav, Chatham.
Located in Kent (the so called Garden of England) South East England, it is thought to have originally been populated to spawn future generations of McDonalds employees, single mothers, and dole bludgers, a feat it has acheived with spectacular results. No longer shall man go without a McFlurry (McDonalds) a badly packed kebab (single mother) or some other mugs' money to pay for 'em (Dole)

Medway consists of towns and villages, including the previously mentioned Chav Mecca Chatham; Gillingham, Rainham, Walderslade, Lordswood, Princess Park, Parkwood, Wigmore, Twydall, Luton, Strood, Rochester, Frindsbury, Wainscott and several others. Yobo mistakenly lists some of its towns as Maidstone and Gravesend, these are not actually part of Medway, had he attended a few Geography lessons, he would know this, but I think it is safe to assume he is a Chav, so should be praised that he got some of them right.

Medway shares it's borders with Sittingbourne, the Isle of Sheppey, and Gravesend, three more charming areas, with all manner of human filth dwelling in them.
If Kent be the Garden of England, then Medway be the pile of steaming horse crap for the compost.
by Katsa August 29, 2007
70 29
What should be called for when little bitches are whinging over stupid things, commonly found in first person shooter games online, such as Counter Strike, when the whiney little bitch is doing rather badly, they will tend to accuse those who kill them of cheatingm rather then admit to themselves that they just plain suck.

Whiney little bitch: "wha wha wha! j00 fuckin hax0r! wha wha wha! I'm gonna get admin! wha wha wha!

Player with skill: "awww, poor little baby, want me to call a whaaaaaambulance?" *giggle*
by Katsa August 31, 2007
35 11