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Exhibiting equal proficiency in the realms of Mac and Microsoft.
I was raised on Macs at home but PCs all through school.. you could say I'm ambitechtrous
by katrinioso November 06, 2009
Used to express overwhelming excitement, pleasure or attraction.
Ex. 1:
"dude, check out that bentley!"

Ex. 2:
"i saw her naked ahah ahahahah hahha hot. hot hot hot hot hto hothtohtoh okay she was in her underwear but still omfgasm"
by Katrinioso May 10, 2009
n. Any laptop computer with such ridiculously monstrous specs and customized features that it is worth at least triple the amount of the base price. Usually owned by gamers with wealthy parents.
My rapetop puts your Macbook Pro to shame!
by katrinioso August 30, 2009
Someone who borrows someone else's iPod and uses up the entire battery because they felt the need to go through all their shit.
Ugh, Tracy's such an iWhore, she wanted to look through my music and when she gave it back it had like a sliver of battery left on it!
by Katrinioso January 12, 2009

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