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3 definitions by Katrina Shaffer

Character found in Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon (1985). This character is the "Shogun of Harlem"; the meanest, the prettiest, the baddest molo-folo around the town. He has a serious beef with "Bruce" Leroy Green.
I want to be a Kung Fu Pimp just like my dog Sho-Nuf!
by Katrina Shaffer June 06, 2007
9 1
(n)Popular (mis)spelling of a term used in an English Comedy found on HBO and Channel 4 in the UK, involving a "wigger" from the "West Staines Massiv". The term means the end of one's penis. Usually substitued for "prick" or "dick"
Me Jullie was out wif her friends and dis bel end tried to hit her up.
by Katrina Shaffer June 05, 2007
12 5
Another adaptaion of "mo fo", "mo-fo" and "mofo". Mostly reserved for terms of endearment in Southern Cali, or other dense brown neighborhoods. TIP: Good for getting passed those prissy fuckin net-nanny's.
Manny; 'Sup Molo-folo?
Chewy; Nuttin.
by Katrina Shaffer June 06, 2007
4 3