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A name held by many women. And no, we was NOT named after the hurricane, quite the contrary, (I was born two decades BEFORE that storm). And, no, the devistation of that storm does not in any way reflect our character. So stop steriotyping the minute we say, "Hi, I'm Katrina" with a smile and a genuine, good heart. (And not all Katrina's are black! So lets stop reading the name and creating an false picture before meeting a person.)
Server: Hi, how are you guys today? ... Good! My name is Katrina and I'll be taking care of you today.

Customer: Katrina?! Like the hurricane?


Customer: Uh oh! What did you do that for?

(These jokes never were and are not now funny, and even less original.)
by Katrina D October 16, 2006

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