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Adjective used to describe something that is so awful, it's awesome. Often used to justify a guilty pleasure, such as fast food or reality television.
Wow, that karaoke performance was craptastic.
by Katrina July 16, 2003
a fine example of racisism
where is W.E.T.?????
by Katrina December 04, 2003
A `game` played during a makeout session; originated from a group of friends going to a coffee shop and playing Scrabble for the hell of it. one of the group members referenced making out as a `sexier version of scrabble` (whom shall remain anonymous!) and another member (ANONYMOUS!!) suggested spelling out your name/words with your tongue. This is yet to be experienced with pop rocks... =] hahaha.
person 1: hey, i scrabbled with so-so today
person 2: you did? oh you naughty...who won?
by KATRINA February 21, 2005
Not another
U won't meet nann notha like Ms. Southern Belle!!!
by KaTrina May 15, 2003
people that are cool and they enjoy poppin they collars yoooo....better than anyothers
I popped my collar like a prep !! yo
by katrina February 28, 2005
British version of owned or pwned
by Katrina February 26, 2004
an international druglord
He a sleigh, a big red coat, Roudolph with his nose so bright, lives in an area rather far away from society, little "elves" and so called "snow" to surround him
by Katrina December 23, 2003
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