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A rip off title that "Jay-Z" stole from Metallica.
Person 1: "Man, can't 'rappers' be original like they say they are?!"
Person 2: "Yeah, man, I know!"
by Katrina December 04, 2003
crazy, has been given rabies, can be fatal.
livin' in Alabama, you gotta be ware of gettin' bit by some rabid animals out in them woods.
by katrina January 17, 2005
something being awesome; cool
wow! that is so coolioso!
by katrina January 22, 2004
stands for multiple shagging disorder!When a person feels the need to have sex with several people every week!
Bloke: So doc what have I got
Doc: I'm afraid to say you have m.s.d and i'm sorry but it's incurable I will prescribe you some condoms
by katrina January 11, 2005
a very cool band you can listen to all over the internet.On a google search, the first page will show about 5 results that link you to the band's site.
maghead.org, myspace.com, and many more!
by katrina January 16, 2005
very cool, fandabbydozi!!
Bob "Here is a million pounds"
Bungo "Wikdass!"
by Katrina February 05, 2004
A verse from Yung Joc's Rap in the song "I Love You" by Cheri Dennis. It's stating that he is a excellent hustla(note the "Grade A")
The part of the verse from the song "I Love you" by Cheri Dennis Feat. Yung Joc." I'm a Grade A Hustla, certified 'G'"
by Katrina June 13, 2006

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