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procrastinating by logging on to facebook and commenting on everyone's updated statuses...levels of status commenting are directly proportional to the levels of work you are procrastinating from. extreme sufferers have to have the last word on facebook!
Dude, I got no work done today because i was status commenting.
by Katpaham February 13, 2009
verb: at the moment a term/phrase is coined, the impulse to add it on urban dictionary and the subsequent implementation of that word
that was a brilliant line dude, lets urban dictionarise it!
by Katpaham February 13, 2009
refers to confusing the story and almost putting words into someone's mouth..
I didn't say you were ugly, i said someone must have thrown a brick in your pram when you were a baby. Stop skattering the plot!
by Katpaham February 13, 2009

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