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The line that is used when someone is from the Ukraine and you ask them if they are from Russia. They usually will be very rude to you when saying this and will have no remorse. If you are educated in history, you will know that the Ukraine has simultaneously been a part of Russia on and off again, even prior to the USSR, so don't bother asking them what the difference is, they will just yell at you, in public.
Person 1 "I love your accent, are you from Russia?"
Person 2"I'm not from Russia, I'm from the UKRAINE!"*yelling with furry*
Person 1"Okay, okay. Still the same thing though."
by KatilinaFeva September 25, 2011
A mental Facebook Friend Request you have for someone but won't send it. You get paranoid that they don't like you because they have not requested to be your friend first, so you avoid sending them a friend request all together.But it doesn't stop there, you still think about sending them a friend request if you guys had a great conversation or they seem to really like you, BUT you still avoid sending the friend request. Why? Because you don't want to deal with the awkwardness of them denying your friend request. Because then that will just prove they don't like you, and you see them everyday and that would make things incredibly awkward, causing you to be even more paranoid when you see them.
Person 1"I have known David for a year, I see him everyday, but I haven't sent him a friend request."
Person 2"Just send it, it's not a big deal."
Person 1"Ya but what if he denies it?"
Person 2"Oh ya true, that would make things really awkward."
Person 1"What the hell do I do? I Fucking paranoid!"
Person 2"Just don't send it."
Person 1"OK, back to square one."
Person 2"You have what I like to call a pending paranoia request. It's very common, you're not alone. You can get help for it."
by KatilinaFeva September 25, 2011
Someone who drinks tequila straight from the bottle or someone who hogs the tequilla
My mom stopped being a tequilla shark after going to AA meetings;

"Katy left a full bottle of margarita mix but no tequila, I guess we are going to have to use triple sec now."
"Ok, thats it, tequila sharks are no longer invited to my parties!!"
by KatilinaFeva September 25, 2011

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