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An emergency state of vigilance and preparedness following closely on the heels of a governmental pronouncement of impending national doom, with such pronouncements often coinciding with upcoming elections and/or with recently published polling data reflecting ever-diminishing popularity ratings of the Nine-Eleventy "decider".
"Some critics claim that when the government's in trouble they get all Nine-Eleventy up in this bitch." Jon Stewart (The Daily Show)
by KatieOh! July 05, 2006
noun: the practice of yoga by dogs.

origin: elision of the words "dog" and "yoga".

The trend reportedly started in New York, where humans and their canines attend classes to meditate and stretch together on mats. Dogs who practice yoga are called a "dogis."
doga instructor: Rex, you need more uplift in your upavishta konasana.

Rex: woof
by KatieOh! September 18, 2006
Adj: A one-sided relationship that not only fails to ever get romantic, but that manages to get you publicly humiliated in front of your peers when the object of your affections openly dates someone else.

from: "platonic" and the demotion of Pluto to dwarf planet status.
student 1: Hey, WTF? Isn't that your girlfriend smooching with the captain of the football team?

student 2: Yes, Betty and I have a plutonic relationship. She respects my mind.

student 1: Sure, you sorry-ass loser!
by KatieOh! September 12, 2006

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