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A Flinglish is the combining of the words 'Full' and 'English'.
This is often used when you are so drunk that your ability to seperate these two words becomes non existant.
Tori: Kate lets have a Flinglish in the morning
Kate: Oh yeah i love a good Flinglish
by KatieNoodle May 22, 2007
The art of being stupidly drunk whilst sat on a kerb eating pizza and smoking so many fags that you cannot smoke any more. Having a kerb party.
Kate: Hey Amy do you fancy having a Kerb Party this weekend
Amy: Hell yeah they are the best kind of parties in the world
by KatieNoodle May 22, 2007
Having participated in a kerb party which involves a lot of smoking you may find yourself being smoked out. this comes about when you simply cannot smoke anymore fags.
Nat: Kate doe you want another cigarette?
Kate: Nah, im all smoked out!
by KatieNoodle May 22, 2007
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