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A nice car , which attracts females (the pussy). E.g if the male is ugly he thinks a modified car will help him attract fit women.


A male who thinks he is a magnet to women, has a high opinion of himself.
"check this new motor i just bought, it does 150mph"
"ha thats a right pussy magnet!"
by KatieLovesIt! April 20, 2009
Small/petite female, which can be "ragged" in the bedroom. She is easy to lift so can be called raggable.
man look how raggable she is!
yeah she is pretty small bet i could carry her round the bedroom!
by KatieLovesIt! April 20, 2009
Dump valves are fitted to the engines of turbo charged cars and sit between the turbo outlet and the throttle body. These are known for the "tissh" sound when you change gear.
Found already fitted in cars such as a subaru.
Dude i just bought i Subaru, i love the sound of the dump valve when i change gear. Listen it goes "Rummmm tissh!"
by KatieLovesIt! April 20, 2009
Got the decoraters in is a term used by women on their period, meaning that the "decoraters" are painting the walls red!

ewww right?
"hey sexy. fancy some fun tonight?"
"can't, got decoraters in!"
"Nice :|"
by KatieLovesIt! April 21, 2009
Whereas males use the phrase "poontang" add a D for Dick and you have doontang. So the ladies can be just as crude when checking out guys!
"check that hot doontang over there Soph!"
"eesh he's hot!"
by KatieLovesIt! April 21, 2009
This saying is used to show shock or something unbelievable such as "fucking hell" is used.

e.g instead of "oh my god!"
"Chris just won £10000"
" Rats hammers! how he do it?"
by KatieLovesIt! April 21, 2009
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