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A woman living in Chesterfield, IN who has vivid delusions of living in Texas.
Pattywhack said she is with Don in Texas but we all know she never left Indiana.
by KatieKat82 November 12, 2007
Behavior far beyond being bi-polar. An unreasonable state of mind that causes a person to obsess over people in internet chat rooms. Having very rare and limited times of lucidity and sanity (usually while only going to the bathroom) and primarily erupting into rants, raves and ridiculous comments. Those who suffer from this rare disorder, are typically called "lowlife losers" or "escaped mental patients". Symptoms include pathological lying, stalking, obsessions with people, extreme foul language and lack of personal hygiene.
Donovan talks like a possessed demon because she is Patty-polar.
by KatieKat82 November 12, 2007
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