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Any person famous for being famous, of whom we have all seen too much.
Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, and the ultimate CeleBritney, Britney Spears, were all at Ashton's party.
by katiekakes November 14, 2010
One who spends too much time tweeting, too little living.
Bob: Did you hear how Mike almost missed his plane/wedding/job interview because he fell off a curb while tweeting about his jog/facebook page/morning coffee?

Tom: He is such a twidiot!
by KatieKakes September 29, 2009
That place in Cyberspace occupied by Facebook, My Space, etc.
Cyndi wanted to keep up with her friends' non-events displayed in their status updates, so she launched herself into CyberFace.
by KatieKakes September 22, 2009
"Gin Joint" where less evolved men demonstrate their place in the Primate hierarchy.
Faye: Let's go to that bar Trixie told us about...

Tammy: You know Trixie has terrible taste! That place is a Monkey Bar...all the guys there are jerks!
by KatieKakes July 29, 2009

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