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20 definitions by Katie Tran

Someone who is gay and is half black and half white. Used as an insult.
"Hey Bob, you're a quarter biscuit triscuit."
by Katie Tran May 06, 2003
4 6
adj. something that owns, is hardcore.
Any band that's edge enough to use something a retarded 6 year old drew for cover art is worth giving a listening to.
by katie tran July 12, 2004
27 30
The most edge PBS "ad" where a small group of musicians get so involved with the music they start smashing their instruments.
Dude, did you see that guy smash his cello in that "Be Passionate" ad on PSB?
by katie tran July 12, 2004
3 7
Paper Back. As in a paperback book. Yeah, I'm a library nerd.
You ask what "PB" stands for? It's the paperback section. I'll show you where it is.
by katie tran July 04, 2004
8 13
A response to something that was amusing.
"Hey Becky, check that out!" "Olo!"
by Katie Tran May 06, 2003
5 19
God. From "A Clockwork Orange"
Good Bog! What have you done?
by Katie Tran May 07, 2003
28 45