20 definitions by Katie Tran

A synonym to "cigarette break".
Dude, I'll be back soon. I'm going on a nicotine break.
by Katie Tran September 19, 2005
When something sucks really bad.
"God this class really sucks fuck"
by Katie Tran December 20, 2003
Worst insult ever.
I can't stand this chat room anymore. All we ever get is ten year old nu metal aol users.
by Katie Tran October 25, 2003
religion + entertainment

Think Veggietales. Or any type of flims they show in Christian private schools that are entertaining but also have a religious agenda.
When I went to Catholic school, every friday we got to see a religitainment film.
by katie tran May 07, 2004
A person on a message board who posts exceedingly just to up his post count. Often for the reward for more stars.
That guy is a total star farmer. He posted 200 times in his first week.
by katie tran August 17, 2004
a document you can hold in your hands as opposed to one being saved on the computer.
The teacher wouldn't except work emailed to her. She wanted a hard copy.
by katie tran October 27, 2003
Someone who is gay and is half black and half white. Used as an insult.
"Hey Bob, you're a quarter biscuit triscuit."
by Katie Tran May 06, 2003

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