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punk band, consisting of Tre Cool, Mike Drint and the all wonderful Bille Joe Armstrong,from California

i must say that i do love Green day, but they are no match for blink 182. Green day are pretty god damn amazing, but blink 182 are just that bit more awsome. But in all fairness Green day did kick blink's ass when they went on tour together.

Now a note to all the green day fan wanna be's. If u dare try and call ur self green day's biggest fan, or that they are the best thing ever, and u are one of these people that hav only ever heard the likes of american idiot, boulevard of broken dreams and when september ends, then i must stress that NO, you are not green day's "biggest fan".

the new album, american idiot, is crap compared to the greatness of the other green day albums, like dookie and warning. most of the millions of people i see walking aroung with their american idiot hoodys would probably look at u as if u were mad if u asked them "whats ur favorite song from nimrod?"

i dont ever call myself green days biggest fan, nor blink's biggest fan for that matter, but at leat i hav listed to the proper green day music, and am not fooled by the new more pop punk Green day album.

"Jackass" lyrics : "Warning" : Green Day

To know you is to hate you
So loving you must be like suicide
I don't mind if you don't mind
I'm not the one that's going to die
I guess i just can't listen
To this one sided conversation again
`cause I don't care if I don't care
No one ever said that life is fair

Everybody loves a joke
But no one likes a fool
And you're always cracking the same old lines again
You're well rehearsed on every verse
And that was stated clear
But no one understands your verity
by Katie Stafford March 23, 2006
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