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You know those women who wear their pants so high that they get a camel toe? Thats right! They have the power to look and act repulsive!!!! Their love handles stick out so when they wadle near you, you get slam hogged in the face.
Katie: "Eww look!"
James: "What?"
Katie: "Captain Camel toe is in town!"
James: "Flaps ahoy!"
Katie: "Hahahaha!"
James: "hehehe!"
by Katie Kolosiekago May 07, 2007
A job done in a particularly horrible manner... Like if the door is cracked in half, someone just duct tapes it. Or it could mean something that is put together cheaply and with no effort. Like if you need the fence post to stay in place, for good, you lodge a toy truck into it... Basically anything fixed without the necessary tools and will fall apart with the next 24 hrs.
My friend shelby, used duct tape to fasten the filter to her pool so I said,"Yo bitch, nice duct tape innovation!".
by Katie kolosiekago August 12, 2007
THose stupid people who use 'izzle' with perfectly, non gansta orientated, words.
Like lilac-izzle, nextel-izzle, Froshizzle, ect. Most of them aren't even words! How gay is that? Haha gangstizzle!!
by Katie Kolosiekago May 11, 2007
Those people with the Nextel phones who have the beep volume so high that you could practically hear it over a rock concert. And then when they talk about you on that contraption, and you say f u to them, they are all like, "why r u butting in?".

Phone:(Beep Beep)
Katie: (thinking, oh god now what?)
Nextel person: (talking into the phone) Yeah?
Phone: Blah blaaah bbllaahh!!!
Nextel person: Oh yeah, I know that guy!
Katie: Shut up!

I Hate Nextel Nellies because they expect you not to listen in but you can't help it!
by Katie Kolosiekago May 11, 2007
A really cool name to give to a snake or a really wrinkly old guy.
Chris: Hey is that your new snake?
Katie: Yup!
Chris: What's his name?
Katie: I named him rumplesnakeskin!
Chris: Koolaid!
by Katie Kolosiekago May 11, 2007

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