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A sneaky little slut, who enjoys murfing people's seats and hausing frits in her spare time. A haustine is a big fan of doing the Haustice at the bar...
Jemmy: Did you see that sneaky little slut who was hitting on Frits boyfriend.

Benit: Ya she was definetly a haustine...
by Katie Hauszell February 10, 2010
The best insult you can give someone. The worst insult you can recieve.. A snow chicken is a cross between a haus, a murf, and a leverty.
Benit: Did you see how gay Derick was acting last night after he stopped watching gay dumpster porn and crying in his room?

Jemmy: Ya he's one of the biggest snow chicken's I have ever seen
by Katie Hauszell February 09, 2010
One who prefers anal because they skip the bush... AKA a backdoor bandit.. The only eating a Bush Jumping Jack Rabbit does is the anus....
Benit: Hey haus jew did you see that move that Teddy Cheese Farts pulled on Frits last night?

Den: Yeah He skipped her huge bush and went right for the anus..

Jemmy: NO WAY! He really pulled off the Bush Jumping Jack Rabbit...
by Katie Hauszell February 12, 2010
Penis Fart
Levergay can peef louder than anyone
by Katie Hauszell April 09, 2010
This involves finding a haus and hog tying the broad. Then kicking her in the left nipple twice while copping a feel on the right. Then you take ur right hand and twack her in the twat with a horny enraged chinese man like motion..
Benit: Hey jew did you see that fat broad at the chinese buffet line eating cheese curds?

Frits: Oh you mean the one that had a cheese gut with a lot of protuberance?

Jemmy: Ya actually Jack Black Cock ended up Chinese Bean Flicking her...
by Katie Hauszell February 22, 2010
A highly Unattractive male who has lots of chest hair AKA hamburger meat. He drives a shitty beat up stick shift car and his room resmebles that of a 12 year old boys, with his fish tank and jr size mattress. A Dusty is into one night stands and picks up young unsuspecting broads with his unique and seductive pick up lines...
Dusty: Hey I can get you a job at Texas Roadhouse

Catie (unsupecting broad): How far is your house from here?
by Katie Hauszell February 22, 2010
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