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The school of cool. Pretty awesome grades and the 3rd best high school in Baltimore County. It has a blue ribbon award from 1995. You can see that in front of the school. There are almost 2000 but they are all really nice. We have the nickname Druglaney. Really to tell you the truth there is hardly any drugs in our school, as long as you don't go with the wrong crowd which isn't that large by the way you will be totally fine. We pretty much have the BEST sports and teammates around. Always winning championships and beating everyone's butt. You can't get better than that!!
Nice cars- Jettas, Subarus, Jeeps, Honda's and Toyotas
Awesome teachers
Great Coaches
Disciplined school most of the time
Dulaney High Schoolmis the best
by Katie Hallaway March 09, 2006

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