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A TRUE Holy Cross girl is one who loves EACH AND EVERY ONE of her classmates as a sister. She knows what it means to put skin on Christ and she knows how to LIVE THE FOURTH. She genuinely cares to serve others not only because it is required, but because she WANTS to. She most likely has spent AT LEAST one day a week since her freshman year doing just that—serving others. She is a woman of Courage, Compassion, and Scholarship, and not afraid to say so. She knows that the Holy Cross Mixer is not only the first mixer each year, but the BEST mixer each year! She is not ashamed to go on a date and boogie with her daddy at least once a year! (She may even practice dance moves at home with her dad JUST SO they can win the dance contest!) Her favorite Christmas Song is “The Carol of the Bells”, but only when sung by the Madrigal Singers, of course! She can out eat any boy, and does not find that to be disgusting. Mardi Gras was her favorite out of uniform day because of all the free food at lunch. She either OWNs the Ralf Lauren Polo Co, Tiffany Co, and/or NorthFace Co, OR she is extremely outspoken with her own funky yet classy style. She owns at least 1000000bagillion things that are purple, and still wears them today even though she graduated in 1954. And last but not least, no matter what life has in store for her, she will always be comforted knowing that she has AHC sisters who will always be there for her.
by Katie Bowen Long '04 December 12, 2004

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