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The world's largest cheeto, found in Hawaii, and bought by a small town in Iowa for $1000. Often mistaken for a giant cheeto, which it is not, the world's largest cheeto is about the size of a lemon. It is currently being displayed in a bullet-proof glass box in Sister Sarah's Bar and Grill.
Who'd want to shoot the world's largest cheeto, anyway? Or steal it, for that matter...It's been there so long now, it's probably extremely stale.
by Katie #42 April 08, 2006
The Cornfield of No Return, where children CAN run away and not starve, because they can live on bacon and corn. But they're just going to get raped by all the sex offenders, anyway.
Bob: I'm so sick of life. I'm going to kill myself.
Fred: How're you going to do it?
Bob: I'm going to go to Iowa and die of boredom.
by Katie #42 February 28, 2006

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