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(noun) 1.When speaking of the late Edgar Allen Poe, and one finds the social situation remarkably similar to one of his poems. 2.However, some believe the word defines a moment in which you channel Edgar and the moment is inspired by Poe.
1. "Did someone else hear a heart beat under your floor? Or is it just me?"
2. Ellie turns to Katie and chuckles, "Oh my, what a lovely poement we have just enjoyed!"
by Katidid March 20, 2012
the WORST fucking army in the world the only reason that they have an armed force group is so someone can protect their god damned illegal, cheap-ass drugs. that makes them terrible because they are keeping the drugs for us to "save us" from ourselves when in reality you stupid sons of bitchs want the high for yourselves. canada is such a bad place to live it makes japanese tube hotels look like the fucking hilton hotel chain. not because their is so many of you cock suckers, its that your everywhere. and the only reason that you have a good sniper force is because they are all americans undercover trying to kill your asses.
you can't even walk into a drug store over there because the goddamnedcocksucking canadianarmed forces blocked us from their drugs to put their women to sleep long enough to rape their children.
by katidid May 10, 2006
one whom is almost too gay to function and is from canada and actually enjoys being there. if you enjoy living and banging the same sex you may as well move there. you are not considered a canadian rope smker if you are being held there against your will, in that case you would be an american rope smoker which is automatically better even a gay basher would hug as long as you were american.
daniel powter is a rope smoking canada lover and that my friends is the reason he had a bad day.
by katidid May 10, 2006

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